Fishing in Austria's Rivers & Lakes

    Thunderous mountain streams, crystal clear lakes, and pools where trout, char, and greyling are at home. Fishing in Austria is an insiders tip known to enthusiasts all over the world.


    Trophy Fish from the River Gail

    The Gail is one of the most pristine waters of the Alpine area. The river - actually still a torrent - squeezes through deep gorges before opening up into delightful meadows, then plunging back into the depths of the Lesachtal Valley. Besides the natural beauty of the river landscape, the Gail is of drinking water quality and the fishing pressure is low. Six tributaries await amateur anglers with large quantities of natural offspring, which means that artificial restocking is not required here. In addition to the dominant brown trout, the rainbow trout and the reintroduced greyling are at home in the Gail and its tributaries. The "Bärfalle", the trophy route for fly fishermen, is rarely touched due to its difficult accessibility. This area, thanks to its unspoiled state, offers the chance to make quite a remarkable catch.

    Valley of Lesach / Carinthia


    Hohe Tauern Mountain Water

    The Grossarl Valley offers plenty of opportunities for anglers on the Grossarl Ache, from Grossarl to the Hüttschlag valley head in the National Park Hohe Tauern. The crystal clear mountain water from the Schöder Valley and from the Keeskogel Glacier offer an excellent home for local fish, with quiet river passages, big pools, rapids, rock waterfalls, and gravel banks, all surrounded by lush alpine meadows and pastures. The gleaming, silvery alpine salmon - which can reach up to 120 cm (4 ft) long - has been kept in the Ötzlsee Lake at the head of the Grossarl Valley since 1998, and is unique to the province of Salzburg.

    National Park Hohe Tauern - Weisssee


    Numerous Fishing Waters in the Tannheimer Tal

    Fishing season starts on April 1st in the Tannheimer Tal. An excellent fish population thrives amongst marvellous mountain scenery, turning the Tirolean high valley into a real hot tip for fishing enthusiasts. Also, most of the fishing waters are not private property. With a fishing permission and upon presentation of a sports fishing passport, you may fish to your heart's content.

    Important information
    Austria requires you to have a permit to fish in its rivers and lakes! Please check with the local tourist office about acquiring a permit and any guidelines that protect the fauna and flora of the region.