5 Films Set in Austria (and Where to Watch Them)

    Right now, we have time to catch up on our must-watch film list. If you'd like Hollywood magic to transport you to Austria, here are our suggestions.

    1. Before Sunrise (1995)

    An American (Ethan Hawke) and a Frenchwoman (Julie Delpy) meet on a train. On a whim, they decide to get off in Vienna and explore the city together. Their one-night journey through Austria's capital uncovers Vienna's lesser known but very charming corners.

    Watch This If...'re looking for an intimate story about human connection and a bit of old-fashioned romance.

    Where to Watch It

    View of Vienna

    2. The Sound of Music (1965)

    This Oscar-winning musical classic stars Christopher Plummer as the straight-laced Captain von Trapp and Julie Andrews as the free-spirited governess to his seven children. The two, of course, end up falling in love and have to flee Austria as World War II starts.

    Watch This If... want to see Julie Andrews sing and twirl on some of Austria's most beautiful mountain meadows.

    Where to Watch It

    Sound of Music

    3. The Third Man (1949)

    After arriving in Vienna, American Holly Martins learns that his friend and would-be employer Harry Lime has been killed in a car accident. As he starts to investigate his friend's death, it soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems...

    Watch This If...'re in the mood for a masterful film noir that leads you right into the seedy underbelly (and the sewers) of post-war Vienna.

    Where to Watch It

    The Third Man

    4. James Bond: SPECTRE (2015)

    This 2015 adventure takes 007 (amongst other picturesque locations) to the Austrian Alps as he investigates a mysterious organisation called SPECTRE. Fun fact: You can have lunch in the futuristic clinic featured in the film - it's Sölden's ice Q restaurant.

    Watch This If...'d like to see some perfectly executed action scenes on pristine Austrian snow.

    Where to Watch It

    5. Amadeus (1984)

    A fictionalized biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Milos Forman's take on Austria's famous son is a mainstay on "Best Films Ever" lists.

    Watch This If...'re looking for a storm of emotions (Jealousy! Love! Perhaps murder!) in a historical setting.

    Where to Watch It

    Mozart Dinner Concert

    Bonus TV Tip: Netflix' "Freud" (2020)

    In Netflix' first Austrian series, a young Sigmund Freud teams up with a psychic and an inspector to solve mysterious deaths.

    Watch This If...'re in the mood for a fun and suspenseful, but not entirely historically accurate romp through 19th-century Vienna.

    Where to Watch It

    • Stream on Netflix with a subscription

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